artwork asian scene (64 questions)

artwork asian scene, in the style of intricate psychedelic landscapes, james gilleard, atmospheric color washes, whimsical children’s book illustrator, tang dynasty, multi-layered color fields, (32 questions)

reality and illustration(32 questions)

Chinoiserie, Chinese style, ink(32 questions)

3D, C4D, Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity, OC renderer, ultra HD, HDR, 3D rendering, 3D Character, Blind Box Style, chibi, Delicate features, , Natural lighting, 8K, best quality, ultra detail, Ray Tracing, Photorealistic Rendering, Global Illumination, High Poly Rendering, Texture Baking, Real-time Rendering, Depth of Field Effects, LuxCoreRender, Iray, V-Ray, Maya, UE5 –style raw (128 questions)

fresh and warm painting style, combining reality and illustration, golden light, gentle colors (32 questions)